Looking for some additional features? Share the requirements, and Vimla Polymers will be at your service.

Along with manufacturing different packaging bags as per your requirements, we also offer a set of additions. It includes preferable stitching, liners, flexo-printing, gusset, patching, adding holograph, durable handle and much more. So share your requirements in detail, and we will help you with the best.


As per your requirements, we offer several cutting techniques. Due to the availability of high-end cutting machines, we can produce thousands of bags daily. The most sought-after cutting techniques are Blade Cutting, Heat Zig-Zag Cutting and Heat Straight Cutting. Depending upon your industry and the product to be packed, we follow one of the cutting methods. Expect neat and premium cutting on the end product from Vimla Polymers Pvt Ltd. No matter how long the transit or what your product is, our packaging solutions are perfect for keeping them protected and authentic under every condition. 


Our manufacturing unit contains several high-end stitching machines which operate automatically. We offer different types of stitching techniques at Vimla Polymers Pvt Ltd after having an idea about your business and the products that you want us to pack. It includes Top Stitching, Bottom Stitching Type and Chain Stitching Type. Stitching plays a major role in keeping the product inside intact and stopping it from spilling out. We deeply understand your requirements, which is why we serve you with customized stitching types. So get connected with us immediately to get served with only the best.


High-quality LD or HM liners are a primary part of the packaging, just like stitching and cutting. Liners inside the bag offer extra protection against outer conditions and harsh weather. To keep your products safe and fresh, we add poly liners inside the packaging bag. If you want extra protection, adding liners is the best durable option. Almost every industry makes use of bags with liners. Also, at Vimla Polymers Pvt Ltd, our manufacturing unit is equipped with high-end machinery and a competent workforce who strive to deliver the best liner bags to every client. Connect now to add a shield of protection now.


Different requirements of our clients keep us on our toes. In this modern era, we strive to serve them with the best packaging solutions. The packaging industry is evolving daily, and we are trying our best to keep up with the pace. The BOPP woven bags with and without metallised contain several layers inside, providing you with multiple benefits. The excellent laminated layering inside the bag keeps the product fresh for a long time and protects it from outer weather conditions.

Along with this, adding layers boosts the bag’s strength and gives it an excellent outlook. Whether you want single or multiple-layer bags, Vimla Polymers Pvt Ltd can serve you. Share your requirements with us, and we will manufacture the best for you. 

Flexo Printing

Looking for excellent and affordable flexo printing services? Yes, then here at Vimla Polymers Pvt Ltd, we do flexo printing on both coated as well as uncoated bags upto 8 colors. Whether you want flexo printing in different colors or some particular ones, we excel at doing the same. Compared to others, we do flexo-printing of the packaging bags at a reasonable price. Flexo-printing makes your bags look appealing, and it’s a highly economical process. A wide range of businesses understands the importance of flexo-printing. Our manufacturing unit contains several flexo-printing machines. It helps us cater to the requirements of our broad clientele worldwide. Tell us your requirements, and Vimla Polymers Pvt Ltd will serve quality services.


PP Woven Bag with Gusset able to easily stand vertically. This is the best feature to assist in warehouse or while transportation to stack, rack on pallets or simply on a wet free / moisture free floor. PP Gusseted bags are ideal for storage of granules or powder form products. Due to the rapid evolution of the packaging industry, gusset bags came into existence, which is why clients love them. Several industries around prefer to pack their products in gusset bags.

Also, the gusseted bags give you a solid chance to show the product branding properly on the packaging. What can be a better way of spreading the word about your business?

Strong Handle

Strong handles tend to boost the strength of the BOPP bag and level up its overall experience. At Vimla Polymers Pvt Ltd, we excel at creating different types of handles for your packaging bags. Whether you want a Narrow Woven Fabric Handle or Cross Stitch Handle or D-Cut or Polypropylene, we excel at serving you with all. First, share your requirements with us in detail, including what is your business? What products do you sell? Who is the target audience, and much more? Then, we will tell which handle will look the best. We manufacture bags with durable handles without no compromising the quality.

Are you looking for some excellent additions to level your brand's packaging?