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Vimala Polymers Private Limited deals in premium HDPE/PP Woven Sacks and bags, perfect for packaging purposes. Our packaging is made from the highest quality fabrics, guaranteeing strength and durability.

About HDPE/PP Woven Bag

Vimla Polymers Private Limited is among India’s top HDPE/PP Woven Sacks manufacturers. We are dedicated to providing our customers with premium HDPE/PP Woven Sacks.  At our store, you can find HDPE/PP Woven bags – both laminated and unlaminated – in various shades, lengths and widths. We use lightweight material to produce our HDPE/PP Woven Sacks, making them best for packaging a wide range of items. At our store, you can get the packaging in open as well as flat form. Our PP/HDPE woven sacks are known for successfully meeting unique customer demands. Try our packaging and we guarantee you won’t ever regret it!

Salient Features

Vimla Polymers Private Limited deals in the highest quality packaging that will help you make the right brand image in front of your customers. When we talk about Vimla Polymers, there are some unique features of our services that help us stay on the priority list of customers. Some of those features include:


Types of HDPE/PP Woven Bags

A huge factor which makes us a favourite packaging company of our customers is our diverse choice of bags. At Vimla Polymers , we offer our customers multiple varieties of bags, like HDPE/PP Woven bags. In other words, we got packaging for every type of client and their unique needs. Here are some of the packaging options we offer:

  1. PP/HDPE Woven Fabrics With Gussets (Laminated /Unlaminated)
  2. PP/HDPE Woven Fabrics With Checks Design (Laminated /Unlaminated)
  3. PP/HDPE Woven Fabrics With Different Colored Strips (Laminated /Unlaminated)
  4. PP/HDPE Woven Fabrics With Single Colour (Laminated /Unlaminated)
  5. PP/HDPE Woven Open Flat Fabrics (Laminated /Unlaminated)
  6. PP/HDPE Woven Natural / Clear / Transparent Fabrics (Laminated /Unlaminated)
  7. PP/HDPE Woven Wrapping Fabrics(Laminated /Unlaminated)

Benefits of  HDPE/PP Woven Bags

  • Moisture and water barrier
  • Lightweight because of fewer layers
  • Customised solutions 
  • High glass surface
  • Low electrostatic charge
  • Good dimensional stability
  • High tensile strength and flatness
  • Exceptional print quality


  • Food items 
  • Plastic resin
  • Agro products
  • Fertilisers
  • Cement and wall putty
  • Wrapping material
  • Geo-textiles
  • Shopping bags

We offer custom designed HDPE/PP Woven Sacks/Bag as per the desired specifications with specific UV requirements.


PP (Polypropylene) / HDPE (High Density Poly Ethylene)

Front Width

Circular Form – 30 cm to 70 cm (12” to 36”)

Bag Length

420mm to 1150mm

Fabric Type

Circular / Flat

Fabric Color

Milky White, Natural, Mult-color design / with strips of different colors / As per customer requirement

Fabric Denier

1000 Denier standard (400D- 1200D)


10 X 10 Standard (8″ X 8″ to 14″ X 14” Inch)


Match desired strength in warp & weft according


As per customer requirement

Surface Dealing

Coating or Uncoating

Extrusion Coating

Gloss Coating / Matt Coating

Extrusion Coating Thickness

12 µ to 45 µ

No. of Ply (Beneath Layer)



Maximum 8 color Flexo Printing on Coating / Plain Bags with corona treated.
Printing can be offered in following combinations: 8+0, 7+1, 6+2, 5+3, 4+4. 3+5, 2+6, 1+7, 0+8

Maximum Printing Area

Maximum Width 32″ with 36″ Fabric pass & Maximum Length 60″


Heat Cut / Cold Cut / Zig Zag Cut or Hemmed




As per customer requirement


Contact to us. We will make it feasible.


As per customer requirement (LD/HM)

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