Quality, in our opinion, is superior to anything else. It seems to be the first feature of anything that you see. We deliver on our promise of outstanding quality in every item with the help of our extensive industry knowledge.

Lamination Machine

STP has its internal laminating facility. We have two laminating plants at our disposal. PP/BOPP/LDPE/LLDPE is used for laminating woven fabric. Automatic tension control, automatic splicing, corona diagnosis, preheating roll or hot plate, automatic poly edge trimming for PP, mechanical poly-trim recycling for PP, sandwich un-winder, turn bar arrangement, PLC for plant operation, anchor coating, and BOPP both side registration is all functionality of the machine (known as extrusion coating).

Printing Machine

We believe that even the most pleasing personality in the world face; language barriers; ‘Our product should not face this”. The machine is a vertical gusseting unit, and it has six ink rubber rolls with unique designs that stop the ink from splattering and scattering at higher operating rates. The in-feed and out-feed controlled nip roll system, which prevents the fabric from lengthening or loosening between printing stations, maintains constant tension of the material and accurate print registration. The micrometric adjustment system ensures equal pressure from the anilox roll to the printing drum and from the printing drum to the finished output.

Bailing Press

We have built bailing machines to manage bulk bags since we recognise the significance of packing and are in the packaging industry. To reduce shipping costs on both ends, bales are manufactured with maximum efficiency and following customer specifications. Because of the proximity of the main ports to our place (Morbi), the supply of containers has never been a problem for us. We can meet all regulatory standards that vary from nation to country thanks to our exporting partnerships with reputable export houses and our export depart officials.

Get Your Brand The Best Packaging Ever!

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Mila Kunit

Certified Products

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