Quality, in our opinion, is superior to anything else. It seems to be the first feature of anything that you see. We deliver on our promise of outstanding quality in every item with the help of our extensive industry knowledge.


Lamination grades are chosen based on the client’s needs and mixed during this technique. The fabrics that need lamination are handled accordingly. Lamination microns are conveyed and then the inspection is done as per lots on the laminated rolls to ensure the coating results are appropriate.

When laminating BOPP film onto rolls, we make sure to utilize the right & new grades to provide a clear finish. The process is repeatedly checked visually for quality. To determine the quality standards, the strength of the cloth is reviewed after lamination.


If printing is necessary, unlaminated/laminated rolls are sent there; if not, they are sent to the department that handles cutting and stitching. We print with the top reducers and inks of reputable worldwide brands that are commonly available in India. Huber Group, which has surpassed Micro inks, is utilized to obtain the desired quality prints. To make sure that the necessary ink and reducers are used to print the required lots, criteria such as the life fastness value of inks, nail test, rubbing test, tape test, corona treated ink requirements, and inks derived from polyamide-based resins are pre-assessed during ordering.

Bag Cutting and Stitching

Rolls that have not been laminated, laminated, unprinted, or printed are then sent to the bag cutting and stitching process, trimmed to the appropriate sizes, bottom stitched, and then sent to the hemming section, if necessary, following the specifications. At least two times a day, the supervisor of the finishing department randomly inspects the output of all the units to verify the number of stitches, the accuracy of the fold, and the size of the stitched bags.

Drop Test

If the customer requests more, we can perform drop tests. Our products can be tested to see how well they work according to the ASTM D 5276-98 (2004), GOST 18425, and ISO 7965-2 standards. The maximum drop test performed was 29.52 feet (9 metres), and the findings were positive.

Continuing and Bailing

Following stitching, the bags are counted and divided into sub-bundles of 100 pieces each. The bailing of 1000 pieces per bale is made if the bales weigh less than or equal to 100 kg; if they consider more, 500 parts per bale are prepared.

Final Inspection-Pre-Dispatch/ Shipment

Random samples are taken from the available inventories, and the product is evaluated following the protocols outlined in our COA. We adhere to strict quality control procedures at our end, starting with purchasing raw materials and continuing through product packaging and delivery to preserve the quality of our products.

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