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Food Grade Products Packaging


Packing the pulses in gusset bags allows us to preserve them even in peak weather conditions. The authentic taste of pulses remains the same, and that’s the power of our pulses packaging bags.


Our durable packaging bags for sugar are not only enticing but also give a brief explanation about the product inside. Get high-quality gusset bags to protect the sugar from water vapours or humidity.


Attractive design and sturdy packaging catch the consumer’s attention in an instant. Similarly, for the businesses in the spices industry, we excel at manufacturing small and big packaging bags depending upon the quantity.

Wheat Flour or Atta

The tightly knit woven fabrics ensure the wheat flour doesn’t spill outside and no water vapours enter inside the bag. No matter how rigorous the process of transit is, we have got you covered by providing bags with strong liners.


Our strong and thick sago packaging bags act as a barrier to unwanted things like moisture, bad aroma etc. Avail our services to let your customers relish the authentic taste of sago with no unwanted odour.


You must have seen attractive rice bags with handles on top and a flat base. We also manufacture rice packaging bags that are top-class in appearance and help to maintain high-level hygiene.

Packaging for agricultural products


Using flexo printing and adding different layers, we manufacture attractive packaging bags for storing seeds. These durable bags can easily withstand harsh conditions.


Our packaging bags made using high-quality PP woven fabric are best suitable for packing fertilizers. Also, loading or unloading the bags during transit poses no harm to the fertilizer inside.

Agro Chemicals

Vimla Polymers bags for packing agro chemicals have easy to open functionality. However, even after opening them, the bag remains intact, and the customer can still get to use the materials inside.

Pets Food

Our excellent food-grade packaging solutions are made so that the food inside them remains hygienic. Avail our services to keep your pet food products fresh to eat for longer.

Cattle Food

The cattle or animal feed food will benefit the consumer if it’s packed nicely. By following special packaging measures, we ensure the feed remains authentic.

Packaging for industrial products

Tile Adhesive

For packing tile adhesive, strong and sturdy BOPP packaging bags are required, which are attractive and keep the inner material safe. We excel at catering to our clients with similar requirements.


Vimla Polymers manufacture cement packing bags so that the product’s efficiency remains the same during transit or unloading. As a result, our bags are not only appealing but also easier to open for everyone.


Keeping the charcoal away from moisture and retaining its original properties is tedious. To ensure the charcoal stays safe for longer, we offer BOPP packaging bags.


Who doesn’t like to pack their products in attractive packets? We are here for our customers to cater to their specific requirements. Our BOPP bags for detergents ensure moisture doesn’t enter inside the bag and create lumps.

Shopping bag/promotional bag

Appealing, easy to carry, and spacious shopping bags set the tone for the brand and reflect its values. We create exceptional shopping and promotional bags for our clientele which their customers love.

Get Your Brand The Best Packaging Ever!

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